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Test of Premorbid Functioning (TOPF)

Estimate an individual's pre-morbid cognitive and memory functioning


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Age range
Individuals 16 - 90 years
Administration time
Less than 10 minutes
Administration type
Individual; Q-global® administration, scoring, and/or reporting

A revised and updated version of the Wechsler Test of Adult Reading™, the Test of Premorbid Functioning (TOPF) enables clinicians to estimate an individual’s level of cognitive and memory functioning before the onset of injury or illness. 

  • Effective method for predicting intellectual and memory performance 
  • Ideal for clinicians who wish to develop appropriate treatment plans 
  • Composed of a list of 70 words that have atypical grapheme to phoneme translations 
  • Can be given in addition to WAIS–IV / WMS–IV assessment to provide an estimate of change in abilities 
  • Can be used in forensic evaluations to evaluate suspected loss of cognitive functioning
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Q-global Online Scoring & Reporting

The Test of Premorbid Functioning Score Report contains standard demographics, prediction demographics, an actual-predicted comparison table, serial assessment information, a WAIS-IV actual-predicted comparison table and score profile (when combined with a WAIS-IV administration), and a WMS-IV actual-predicted comparison table and score profile (when combined with a WMS-IV administration).

Administration Delivery Method:
Manual entry (ME).
The test is administered using paper and pencil, and the raw score and demographics are entered manually into Q-global.

ISBN Title User Level Price
9780150018728 Test of Premorbid Functioning Score Report (per report) C $5.00 Login to purchase

Additional materials

ISBN Title User Level Price
9780158009667 Test of Premorbid Functioning Manual C $197.00 Login to purchase
9780158896441 Test of Premorbid Functioning Record Forms C $95.00 Login to purchase
9780158896427 Test of Premorbid Functioning Word Card C $26.00 Login to purchase

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