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SSIS Social Emotional Learning Edition (SSIS-SEL)

Frank M. Gresham, PhD, Stephen N. Elliott, PhD

A comprehensive, evidence-based, social-emotional learning system that also assesses key academic skills and integrates the different components with an aligned, multi-tiered intervention.

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Age range: Assessment: 3 - 18; Intervention: Recommended for Primary School

Qualification level: B

Year: 2017

Administration time: 10-25 mins

Administration type: Paper with digital scoring

A comprehensive, evidence-based, social–emotional learning system

Students with well-developed social–emotional skills spend more time on task and more time helping others, resulting in a decrease in negative behaviour and a significant increase in learning and academic achievement.

While most social–emotional skills intervention systems address basic social competencies, the SSIS-SEL Edition provides educators and other users with a comprehensive social–emotional skills learning solution.

Fully aligned with the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) framework, the SSIS-SEL Edition provides evidence-based tools to assess and teach skills in each of the five SEL competencies:

  1. Self-Awareness
  2. Self-Management
  3. Social Awareness
  4. Relationship Skills
  5. Responsible Decision Making


Features & Benefits

Updated—The SSIS-SEL Edition aligns with the CASEL framework and addresses core social–emotional skills.

Comprehensive—The SSIS-SEL Edition encompasses the full assessment cycle (screening, multi-rater administration forms, and class-wide intervention), and is the only SEL measure to also assess key academic skill areas.

Effective—The SSIS-SEL Edition is a highly engaging and focused solution.

Accessible—The intervention program can be administered by a classroom teacher (must be registered as a user Level T or B)

NEW Local videos—34 videos featuring Australian children in an authentic classroom setting  


Content & Administration

The SSIS-SEL Edition Classwide Intervention Program (CIP) skill units are visually engaging and effective, and the CIP is the only solution of its kind to also teach skills known to improve academics. It is a multi-component digitised system for use with preschool through middle school students to help consistently screen, assess, and remediate key academic enabling behaviours and social–emotional skills.

The SSIS-SEL Edition provides universal intervention for students ages 4 through 14 years and can also be used for small groups in Tier 2 and 3 interventions.  NOTE: Rating forms are appropriate for 3-18 years, whereas the classroom intervention lessons are for 4-14 years.

The SSIS-SEL Edition covers the entire assessment cycle:

  • Screen
  • Assess
  • Intervene
  • Monitor
  • Evaluate outcome

Each unit features six instructional phases:

  • Tell
  • Show
  • Do
  • Practice
  • Monitor
  • Generalise


SSIS-SEL Edition Classroom Resources

Customers who purchase the SSIS-SEL Edition will get complimentary access to valuable resources in the form of turnkey solutions to teach social–emotional skills in the classroom. Below is a list of assets that will be available for customers to download and customise to meet the needs of their classrooms. 

  • Digital Lessons (10 Units)
  • Units 11–23 Lesson Template (PPT slides)
  • Digital Video Lessons, including 34 videos featuring Australian children in an authentic classroom setting 
  • Skill Steps Cue Cards (23 Units)
  • Role-Play Cards (23 Units)
  • Emotions Cue Card
  • Intervention Integrity and Outcome Evaluation Report
  • Student Engagement Record
  • Parent Overview Letter 
  • Parent Completion Letter 
  • Certificate of Completion (2 levels)