Detailed Assessment of Speed of Handwriting

OT assessment which accurately assess handwriting difficulties
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DASH Q-global Manual (Digital)
A103000275893 Qualification Level B

For use in conjunction with the DASH Complete Kit
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Publication date:
Completion time:
30 minutes
Individual or group
Age range:
9 years to 16 years 11 months
Qualification level:

Product Details

The DASH is ideal for providing formal evidence of handwriting speed difficulties in students in upper primary and secondary school. It can also provide general information about a student’s handwriting skills across a variety of handwriting tasks, which will assist with planning intervention.

The assessment includes five subtests, each testing a different aspect of handwriting speed. The tasks include producing ‘best’ and ‘fast’ writing, a 10-minute free writing activity and a purely motor task to examine fine motor and precision skills.

Read an abstract from a research article 'Comparison of the Properties of the Handwriting Speed Test (HST) and Detailed Assessment of Speed of Handwriting (DASH): An Exploratory Study'