KeyMaths-3 Essential Resources: Australian and New Zealand Language Adapted Edition

KeyMaths-3 ER
  • Austin J. Connolly
Comprehensive mathematics intervention programme
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KeyMaths-3 Essential Resources Level 1 (Years K-2) Downloadable Resources Access Code
9780655791041 Qualification Level A

Downloadable resources of several hundred reproducible activities which can be selected for both guided and independent practice, as well as unit-level assessment materials for progress monitoring for Years K-2.


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Publication date:
Completion time:
30-40 minutes for each lesson
Age range:
Students who are developing maths concepts and skills typically introduced in primary school
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Product Details

KeyMaths™-3 Essential Resources (KeyMaths-3 ER) offers a comprehensive maths intervention programme containing hundreds of lessons, and optional access to student practice sheets, and brief tests. As a companion to the KeyMaths-3 Diagnostic Assessment (KeyMaths-3 DA), KeyMaths-3 ER gives educators ready access to effective and engaging intervention materials tailored to the individual’s learning needs. 

Recommended Uses

KeyMaths-3 ER can be used effectively in a variety of settings and with different student populations. The programme’s comprehensive scope enables you to use it over an extended period of time as a supplement to regular classroom instruction. Alternatively, teachers can select lessons on particular topics to provide targeted intervention for individual students or small groups. Students who will benefit from the programme include at-risk students, those performing below year level, and those struggling with specific concepts.

The flexible KeyMaths-3 ER programme provides:

  • Coverage of three content areas: foundational maths concepts, operational skills, and problem-solving
  • Ten instructional strands: Numeration, Algebra, Geometry, Measurement, Data Analysis and Probability, Mental Computation and Estimation, Addition and Subtraction, Multiplication and Division, Foundations of Problem Solving, Applied Problem Solving
  • Large-format instructional easels that include nearly 900 pages of colourful Lesson Displays

The KeyMaths-3 ER Downloadable Resources provides:

  • More than 350 lessons accompanied by 1,200 Guided Practice and Independent Practice sheets
  • Progress-monitoring tools:
    • Readiness tests to assess students’ preparedness for each unit
    • Review and Mastery tests to evaluate student learning
    • Alternative Assessments for one-on-one administration with students who may have difficulty completing the paper/pencil Review and Mastery tests independently
    • Student Progress Report to record test scores for all completed units
    • Supplementary materials, including a spinner, number tiles, hundreds chart, and grid paper to ease lesson preparation and enhance instruction

Benefits for You and Your Students

  • Clear, well-organised lessons featuring easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions
  • Effective modelling of new concepts and skills
  • Hands-on exploration of new concepts through the use of common manipulatives
  • Scripted explanation of key terms, ensuring accurate presentation of important maths concepts
  • Frequent use of open-ended questions to engage students in critical thinking
  • Problem-solving activities that challenge students to explain their thought processes
  • Lessons adaptable for large group, small group, or one-on-one use
  • Direct link from KeyMaths-3 DA results
  • Multiple tools for assessing the effectiveness of instruction

 Please note:

  • KeyMaths-3 ER Level 1 Starter Set is for Years K-2
  • KeyMaths-3 ER Level 2 Starter Set is for Years 3-5
  • KeyMaths-3 ER Level 1 Downloadable Resources Code is for Years K-2*
  • KeyMaths-3 ER Level 2 Downloadable Resources Code is for Years 3-5*

* The codes for Level 1 or 2 Downloadable Resources are unique codes that give the user access to KeyMaths-3 ER resources such as the 1,200 Guided Practice and Independent Practice Sheets and the Progress-monitoring tools.