Wide Range Achievement Test, Fifth Edition (WRAT5)

The WRAT5 measures and monitors fundamental reading, spelling, and maths skills.
  • Author:
    Gary S. Wilkinson, PhD, Gary J. Robertson, PhD
  • Year:
  • Age Range:
    Individuals 5–85+
  • Administration Time:
    Approximately 15-25 minutes for ages 5–7 and 35–45 minutes for ages 8 and up
  • Administration Type:
    Paper and pencil or Q-interactive?

User Level

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Measure foundational academic with the WRAT5

The WRAT5 provides an accurate and easy-to-administer way to assess and monitor the reading, spelling, and maths skills in people aged 5–85+ and helps identify possible learning disabilities.

WRAT5 Benefits:

  • Test learners of all ages using the same assessment
  • Screen individuals or small groups (with some subtests) to help identify those requiring a more comprehensive academic achievement evaluation
  • Administer only the subtests that are needed
  • Administer with paper and pencil or digitally with Q-interactive
  • Digitally score and report using Q-global

WRAT5 Features:

  • Efficient completion time—test can be completed in as little as 15 minutes for younger children and as little as 30 minutes for older children and adults
  • Simple administration rules and clear scoring guidelines, contributing to accurate and timely data
  • Grade-based start points, simple reversal rules, and clear discontinue rules

What’s new in WRAT5

The WRAT5 is upgraded with data reflecting current populations based on recent census information. Updates include:

  • Improved identification of learning disabilities
  • Streamlining of rules
  • Digital administration, scoring, and reporting
  • Subtest improvements

WRAT5 Test Structure

The WRAT5 provides derived scores and interpretive information for four subtests:

  • Word Reading measures untimed letter identification and word recognition. The examinee reads aloud a list of letters/words
  • Sentence Comprehension measures the ability to identify the meaning of words and to comprehend the ideas and information in a sentence using an untimed modified cloze procedure. Each item requires the examinee to read (aloud or silently) a sentence with a word missing, and then say the word that best completes the sentence
  • Spelling measures an individual's ability to write letters and words from dictation without a time limit
  • Maths Computation measures an individual's ability to count, identify numbers, solve simple oral maths problems, and calculate written maths problems with a time limit. Problems are presented in a range of domains, including arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and advanced operations
  • Reading Composite score is created by combining the Word Reading and Sentence Comprehension standard scores
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Q-global Online Scoring & Reporting

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  • 9781488668418
    WRAT5 Q-global Score Report

Subscriptions (for use with paper forms)

  • 9781488668425
    WRAT5 Q-global 1-Year Scoring Subscription


  • 9780150021087
    WRAT5 Digital Manual
  • 9781488668340
    WRAT5 Digital Norms Book on Q-global

Q-interactive (Test Instruments on iPad)

  • 9781925120042
    Q-interactive WRAT5, Annual Licence Fee 1-3 Test Instruments (per user)
  • 9781925120035
    Q-interactive WRAT5, Annual Licence Fee 4-6 Test Instruments (per user)
  • 9781925038002
    Q-interactive WRAT5, Annual Licence Fee 7-10 Test Instruments (per user)

Please note Subtest Administration fees also apply visit helloq.com.au for more information. The Client Services Team will be in contact with you to confirm the test instruments for your Annual Licence.

Additional materials for Q-interactive users

  • 9781488673047
    Q-interactive WRAT5 Blue Response Booklet (Pack of 25)
  • 9781488673511
    Q-interactive WRAT5 Green Response Booklet (Pack of 25)


  • 9781488668319
    WRAT5 Complete Kit
    Includes Manual, Norms Book, Blue Record Forms (Pack of 25), Blue Response Booklet (Pack of 25), Green Record Form (Pack of 25), Green Response Booklet (Pack of 25), Blue Sentence Comprehension Forms (Pack of 25), Green Sentence Comprehension Forms (Pack of 25), Sentence Comprehension Card Set, Word Reading/Spelling Card Set, in a canvas bag

Record Forms

  • 9781488668357
    WRAT5 Blue Record Form/Response Booklet (Pack of 25)
  • 9781488668364
    WRAT5 Green Record Form/Response Booklet (Pack of 25)
  • 9781488668371
    WRAT5 Blue Sentence Comprehension Record Form (Pack of 25)
  • 9781488668388
    WRAT5 Green Sentence Comprehension Record Form (Pack of 25)

Additional materials (These are included in the Kit)

  • 9781488668326
    WRAT5 Manual
  • 9781488668333
    WRAT5 Norms Book
  • 9781488668395
    WRAT5 Sentence Comprehension Card Set
  • 9781488668401
    WRAT5 Reading/Spelling Card Set

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Introducing the new Wide Range Achievement Test, 5th edition (WRAT5)

Introducing the new Wide Range Achievement Test, 5th edition (WRAT-5) which provides an accurate and easy-to-administer way to assess the reading, spelling, and math skills in people aged 5-85+ years. The WRAT-5 can be used across a range of settings including schools, hospitals, private practice, government departments, and rehabilitation centres. Features of the new WRAT-5 include improved identification of learning disorders, streamlining of discontinuing rules, digital administration, scoring and reporting, and improvements in subtests.

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