We may take longer to deliver international products than normal. Our international air freight has been paused due to COVID-19 and will now be sent by sea. Our delivery timeframes have not changed for locally produced products and you can purchase digital options for most of our products. We are now delivering to New Zealand again, but will take longer to reach you than normal. Thank you for your understanding.

Enjoy complimentary Q-global digital resources until end of July 2020!*.

Secure and reliable, the Q-global platform helps clinicians quickly and efficiently organise examinee information, generate scores and produce accurate, comprehensive reports.

Our Q-global platform offers on-demand, reliable scoring and expansive and comprehensive reporting solutions not available through hand scoring.

It is also the only scoring and reporting system that features our leading gold standard assessments on a simple-to-use and cost-effective web-based interface that is accessible anytime, anywhere.




There are four key administrative features that make up the Q-global platform:


Create multiple sub-accounts to help
manage sites, departments, and examiners.
Q-global can be used on mobile devices
such as a laptop or a tablet.


Search for specific assessment records and turn them into comprehensive reports.


Add or remove examinees, view and manage records, and assign assessments.


Assign one or more assessments to a group of examinees.


What assessments are available on Q-global?

We have a vast range of our assessments available on the Q-global platform.
You will also find an increasing number of assessments now offering Remote On Screen Administration (ROSA) where questionnaire-based assessments can be emailed to a client for them to complete in their own time and place.


How do I access my complimentary digital
stimulus books and manuals?

  • After logging into your Q-global account, click on the Resource Library tab in the upper right corner of your screen
  • Open the Resources folder to find product
    specific resources.
  • Your access to complimentary digital stimulus books
    and manuals can be found here.
  • These files are not downloadable. You need to be
    online to use these resources
  • Please email us to set up a Q-global account if you don’t already have one.

Important telehealth guidelines by product

To help you administer our top assessments via Telehealth, we've created best practice guidelines to effectively assess your clients. 

Below are a few of the most used assessments in Australia and New Zealand. 


For additional telehealth guidlines for our assessments please go onto our US clinical website

Please note that if you would like to make a product purchase, you will need to loop back to our Australia/New Zealand website.


Getting started

For most accounts*, there is nothing you need to do to establish a Q-global account. Simply purchase Q-global usages, digital assets or a subscription online and a Q-global account will automatically be created for you. Once your purchase process is completed, you will receive a ‘welcome’ email which will allow you to activate your account and establish a username and password specific to your Q-global account.
*For large organisations who require additional account configuration and set up assistance, please email info@pearsonclinical.com.au or call Client Services Team on 1800 882 385 (Australia) or 0800 942 722 (NZ).


Subscription options

Unlimited annual subscription

If you want to use paper forms for administration but want
to make use of Q-global for scoring and reporting, our
annual scoring subscriptions might be a good option
for you.

Pay per administration

When administering assessments online, there is no need for a paper form and you will need to opt for the per-use option. Prices vary based on the type of assessment and the type of report you'd like to generate.


Contact us

For further information on getting started on Q-qlobal, please contact us.