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Woodcock Reading Mastery Tests, Third Edition (WRMT-III)

Richard W. Woodcock

Assess reading readiness and achievement in children and adults

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Technical Information
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Age range: 4 years 6 months to 79 years 11 months

Qualification level: B

Year: 2011

Administration time: 15 to 45 minutes for complete battery

Administration type: Individual; Manual scoring

The WRMT-III is the standard for assessment of reading readiness and reading achievement, and helps to evaluate struggling readers, identify specific strengths and weaknesses in reading skills to plan targeted remediation, guide educational selection and placement decisions, screen for reading readiness and determine reading strategies for students with special needs.

Users & Applications

The WRMT-III helps:

  • Evaluate struggling readers
  • Identify specific strengths and weaknesses in reading skills to plan targeted remediation
  • Guide educational selection and placement decisions
  • Screen for reading readiness
  • Determine reading strategies for students with special needs

Content & Administration

The WRMT-III contains four new and five revised subtests:

Phonological Awareness

  • First Sound Matching
  • Last Sound Matching
  • Rhyme Production
  • Blending
  • Deletion

Listening Comprehension
Letter Identification 
Word Identification 
Rapid Automatic Naming

  • Object & Colour Naming
  • Number & Letter Naming

Oral Reading Fluency
Word Attack 
Word Comprehension REVISED

  • Antonyms
  • Synonyms
  • Analogies

Passage Comprehension REVISED

Features & Benefits

The WRMT-III offers significant enhancements, including:

  • Comprehensive, contemporary reading coverage based on extensive research
  • All new photorealistic stimulus art to more readily engage children
  • Two parallel forms that can be used to monitor reading growth
  • Four new subtests to help you target specific problem areas
  • Revised item content on the five tests retained from WRMT-R/NU
  • Test items arranged in order of increasing difficulty
  • Basal and ceiling rules and grade-specific start points to help you administer only those items within the examinee’s functional range
  • Item-level error analysis on Listening Comprehension, Passage Comprehension, and Phonological Awareness
  • Within-item-level error analysis on Word Attack, Word Identification, and Oral Reading Fluency
  • New norms: age-based norms for ages 4:6–79:11
  • Simplified administration and scoring


Technical Information

Q-global® Administration Options

This product is available on Q-global with the following administration options:

Manual Entry - Scoring and reporting Only (ME)

These assessments are administered in paper-pencil format only, and can be scored by entering raw data into Q Global for scoring and reporting.

If you would like more information, please visit the Q-global product page,

The WRMT-III offers you the latest revision of the WRMT, which set the standard for assessment of reading readiness and reading achievement. This significant revision retains the format and structure of the WRMT-R/NU, while expanding the test’s range to give you even greater diagnostic power.