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  • What are Fundamental Movement Skills and why do they matter for OTs and PTs?

    by Melinda Cooper, OT, MBA Product Manager

    A group of kids playing and jumping outside together

    If you're an occupational or physical therapist, you probably spend a lot of your day thinking, talking, and reading about motor skills. But have you ever come across the term “Fundamental Movement Skills”? Until recently, I hadn't, but it turns out there is a whole body of literature devoted to studying and discussing this construct that is, well, fundamental to children's ability to engage in play, recreation and activities of daily life. Sounds pretty relevant to what we do, right?

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  • Assessments for overall mental health and wellness

    With more responsibilities and obligations on their plates than ever before, adults are combating increased stress on a daily basis. In fact, in a report released by the American Psychological association, 27% of adults reported that on most days, they are too stressed to function. “Nearly half (46%) of those under 35 and more than half (56%) of Black adults under 35 agreed with this statement.1” This increased stress is directly affecting their well-being and quality of life and can lead to a variety of medical health conditions and issues with substance abuse. As mental health and wellness concerns rise, it can be difficult for practitioners to keep up with the demand, leaving many individuals without the care many so desperately need.

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  • Closing the dyslexia “action gap”

    The Dyslexia Resource Center, founded in Baton Rouge, LA, is trailblazing a clear path through effective dyslexia identification and support, but they’re not stopping there. Through a three-phase approach of research, identification, and support, every member of their team — at each of their locations — is following their passion to serve their surrounding communities through tutoring for students with dyslexia, caregiver support, and educator training. 

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  • Excessive screen time

    This eBook is the modern psychologist's ultimate guide to understanding screen addiction and its mental health implications. Download your free copy today

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