DriveSafe DriveAware (DSDA) is an objective, evidence-based measure of cognitive fitness to drive that accurately predicts driving ability for older or cognitively impaired patients.

"I found the app extremely useful and easy to use. The audio is loud and clear, and the instructions are also very clear. I like the way it generates such a clear report and feedback as well.
My client and his wife found the report/feedback very useful in determining the next step in the process of returning to driving."

Bec Jarrott | Rehabilitation Occupational Therapist

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Conducting a driving assessment in the clinic and making recommendations about driving can be difficult.

Driving is an integral part of most adults’ lives and the question of cognitive fitness to drive in patients with dementia, stroke, brain injury or other neurological conditions is both difficult and emotive.

Research shows that health professionals have been asked to make recommendations regarding fitness to drive without any reliable or ecologically valid assessment tools to guide them. This can make the assessment and subsequent discussions about driving very difficult.

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DriveSafe DriveAware for iPad is designed to support decision-making and discussions about cognitive fitness to drive.

This user-friendly iPad app is designed for any health professional responsible for making decisions about cognitive fitness-to-drive including occupational therapists, psychologists, general practitioners, neurologists and other health and rehabilitation professionals. The assessment can be administered in around 10 minutes.

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Three objective and comprehensive reports help you confidently deliver a recommendation.

Three reports can be automatically generated on completion including:

1. A Clinical Summary Report

2. A Clinical Extended Report and

3. A Patient Letter.

These are designed to show you how your patient performed, and help you make a recommendation about driving, or decide on appropriate next steps if further testing is indicated.

Technical Requirements

  • iPad with iOS operating system 7 or later (an iPad mini or iPhone® cannot be used)
  • We also recommend the use of: an iPad tablet stand angled at 20 degrees; a stylus for use with the iPad, headphones.