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Searching for clarity around your clients' fitness to drive?

DriveSafe DriveAware (DSDA) is an objective, evidence-based measure of cognitive fitness to drive that accurately predicts the driving ability of older or cognitively impaired patients.

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Why is it important?

Making recommendations about driving can be challenging when you can't observe the task in your clinic.

Driving is an integral part of most adults’ lives and the question of cognitive fitness to drive in patients with dementia, stroke, brain injury or other neurological conditions is both difficult and emotive.

DSDA is an objective, evidence-based measure of cognitive fitness to drive that accurately predicts performance in an on-road assessment for older and/or cognitively impaired patients.

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What does it do?

DSDA is a screening tool that measures a driver’s awareness of driving environments and their own abilities related to driving.

The unique format of the test has excellent face validity for driving, helping both you and your clients understand the relevance of the results.

The app can also be used to monitor cognitive fitness to drive over time in the case of degenerative conditions.

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What are some features?

This user-friendly iPad app is designed for use by health professionals responsible for making decisions about cognitive fitness-to-drive.

It’s easily administered in around 10 minutes and provides automatic scoring and report generation.

The reports are designed to show you how your patient performed and help you make a recommendation about driving, or decide on appropriate next steps if further testing is indicated.

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Any technical requirements?

An iPad with iOS operating system 7 or later is recommended (an iPad mini or iPhone® cannot be used).

We also recommend the use of an iPad tablet stand angled at 20 degrees, a stylus for use with the iPad, and headphones.


Free trial

Trying DriveSafe DriveAware is easy.
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Register in five easy steps

  1. Register with Pearson Clinical. Register here >  or Log in here >

  2. Visit the DSDA page and click on the ‘Free Trial’ banner at the top (you can only see the banner once you are logged in).

  3. Read and accept the relevant policies and licence agreement.

  4. Check your inbox for an email with step-by-step instructions on how to get started.

  5. Search for “DriveSafe DriveAware” on the App Store and download the app directly onto your iPad. Log in using the account details you set up when you registered.

You're ready to trial DSDA!

Your free trial allows you to practise using the test as many times as you like but you will only be able to score the test and generate a report for one (1) patient. To order additional report usages, go to the Items & Pricing section and add the required number of usages to your cart.


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